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Case Study Program

Here are all the key documents you need to get involved in one of the most exciting initiatives we have undertaken in recent years – the JMIC Event Case Study Program. This program has been developed in order to identify and profile events that demonstrate the kinds of broader “output” values associated with meetings, conventions or exhibitions – thinks like economic, business, professional, academic and community benefits that such events create.

In participating in this program you will not only be helping generate important documentation that will benefit the industry as a whole but getting important profile for both your own organization and those whose events are profiled.

This program is being coordinated by the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), who have considerable experience in quantifying these kinds of values, in consultation with the members of the Academic Panel that has been assembled to support the program. As described in these materials, in order to qualify for inclusion in the study, these values may be of any type but must have been (or about to be) actually measured by the organizer and/or their partners in event delivery.

The documents we have attached here include:


As per the above, the event you nominate may have already taken place or yet to take place; in either case UTS will be able to supply assistance in terms of how outputs can best be measured in ways that will enable the event to qualify for consideration.

The application form is simple and clear, with the idea that any applicant can easily supply the information that will enable UTS to see how they can be of assistance. If there are any questions of detail, these will be answered quickly by UTS based on their own experiences in calculating these kinds of event benefits.

The results of this program will benefit the meetings industry in terms of being able to demonstrate the broader values of what we do as an industry – so let’s get started and start illustrating the value we bring to both the global economy and our own communities!

You can review the latest progress of the Case Study program and learn about industry success stories on
The Iceberg , our industry partner providing a communications platform for advancement of the industry value proposition.

JMIC Issues Call for Case Studies

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