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Another recommendation arising from the JMIC Conference on Valuing Meetings was a need for a guide to using value information effectively in communications aimed at advancing awareness of the industry and the benefits it creates.

This Guide is available here for free download by industry members as is a companion piece – the JMIC Meetings Industry Guide to Community and Government Relations – which provides details on the development of communications strategies specifically for this industry.

There are also great resources to be found in the form of communications and advocacy case studies from industry organizations around the world. These will be added to the site as they become available and we would encourage others to submit this kind of material to share with the industry as a whole.

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Meeting Professionals International (MPI) launched the Meetings Move Us Forward grassroots communication effort with resources to help its members promote the value of the work they do. The resources include a television commercial, brief documentary, articles, print and web ads, and more.

February 2014

Business Events Sydney (BESydney): Conferences: Catalysts for thriving economies

Beyond Tourism Benefits : Measuring the social legacy of business events research, demonstrates that the international norm to evaluate the lucrative business events sector in tourism terms alone, overlooks perhaps the most valuable legacies – the many educational, intellectual, trade and investment outcomes from business events.
Other BESydney research


The Future of Meetings: the case for face-to-face  (2010)
A collaboration between Maritz and the Cornell Center for Hospitality Research, authors Christine Duffy and Mary Beth McEuen have produced a paper which examines when face-to-face is the most effective approach to large-group meetings or events.  

Oxford Economics:  The Economic Impact of Tourism and the I Love New York Campaign 2006