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JMIC Perspective Articles

With global events creating new issues impacting the meetings industry on a daily basis, we’ve prepared some new materials for your use as industry members. Please find below a number of articles that will facilitate telling the industry story either to colleagues or in your own community.

As with all other JMIC materials, these are available for your use in any way you see fit, including adapting the content to fit specific sector or community circumstances.

There are a number of good ways to “customize” the presentations or articles for your own use:

• You can apply your own logo or format to the presentation or article so that it takes on local meaning;

• You can add your own local information such as economic impact or spending information from your community in order to make it more relevant to a community audience;

• You can make special reference to how meetings and conventions support industries or professions that are of particular importance in your community;

• You can make reference to specific institutions in your community (i.e., universities, medical facilities, research facilities) that benefit from meetings;

• You can list recent events that have taken place in your community that illustrate some of the general principles outlined in the presentation or article, or

• If you are using the Profile and Power article or presentation for a local industry organization, you can add screens that list events that could take place in your own community or a listing of local industry groups that should participate.

If you do use the materials, acknowledgement in the form of “Source: Joint Meetings Industry Council” would be appreciated.


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