Joint Meeting Industry Council

JMIC Media Releases

The Events Industry Kicks Off Towards Net Zero | September 2021

JMIC Panel at IBTM Wired: A Practical Perspective on Industry Recovery | July 2021

JMIC Launches Guide to Local Government and Community Advocacy | December 2020

JMIC Unity Award Winner | December 2020

New JMIC Report Documents Practical Industry Responses to UNSDGs | October 2020

JMIC Global Manifesto Presents Arguments for Business Events to Lead Global Recovery and Renewal  | July 2020

Unique Global Collaboration Creating Joint Messaging for the Meetings Industry | June 2020

JMIC Creates Portal For Access to COVID-19 Resources | March 2020

AIPC and UFI Make “Good Practices Guide to COVID-19” Available to All Industry Members | March 2020

Meetings Industry Calls for Support Measures in Response to COVID-19 Coronavirus Outbreak | February 2020


Previous JMIC Media Releases

Business Events Legacies: JMIC Case Studies Project Review  | June 2019

Business Events Legacies: JMIC Case Study Project Report  | May 2019

Joachim König Recipient of 2019 JMIC Unity Award  | May 2019

New Asian and Latin American Membership for JMIC | February 2019

JMIC Enters 2019 with a New Charter, Constitution, President and Expanded Membership  | January 2019

GCB’s Matthias Schultze Recipient of the 2018 Profile and Power Award | November 2018

Karen Bolinger Named Recipient of 2018 JMIC Unity Award | May 2018

Isabel Bardinet Receives 2017 JMIC Profile and Power Award | November 2017

Ray Bloom Named Recipient of 2017 JMIC Unity Award | May 2017

Arnaldo Nardone Receives 2016 JMIC Profile and Power Award | November 2016

JMIC Issues Calls for Case Studies | June 2016

Meetings Industry States its Position on Terrorism Incidents | May 2016

Anita Peres Named Recipient of 2016 JMIC Unity Award  |  April 2016