Case Studies:

Learning by Example: Case Studies in Community and Government Relations

With industry profile-building activities underway in many countries around the world, there is a growing body of information to share as to how such activities can be designed, developed and carried out. Much of this information has been incorporated into the event and project ideas contained in the Guide which can be downloaded from this web site; however, many specific program concepts have been developed which organizers have been willing to share with others.

This section contains a sample of such case studies: we encourage you to learn from them and contribute yourself as your own programs evolve.

We need your case studies to demonstrate the kinds of industry profile building activities going on around the world. If you have developed Meetings Week or other industry recognition events, new structures to promote meetings and conventions or tools to help demonstrate the value of the industry (i.e., economic impact or community programs) we need to hear about them so we can add them to this site and make them available to other members of the industry.

Send your information to the JMIC contact identified under “contact us” and we’ll make sure they are featured in future promotions as well as on this web site.

Case Study Program Under Development: JMIC Advocacy Program to Focus on Outcomes November 2015

Meetings Week Poland 17-21 March, 2014

Click here to download the report on Meetings Week Poland (and the opening day with Poland Meeting Destination Conference) published in the May edition of The Warsaw Voice monthly magazine.

IAEE Case Study: Click Here First

Click Here First is an industry-wide public relations campaign, launched in 2012, to tout the benefits of exhibitions and face-to-face events and we have seen significant results. You can visit to view the campaign goals, messages and additional content/video that our members have contributed to the campaign.

Click Here First: Face to Face Events Create Connections - The goal of the Click Here First campaign is to give a collective voice to the exhibitions and events industry and advocate on its behalf to educate and inform the media and business influencers about the value of face-to-face marketing events.

The Click Here First campaign is focused on three key strategies:

• Collect member testimonials telling compelling success stories from face-to-face events
• Gain credibility through third-party earned media by working directly with editors and reporters
• Increase visibility for the value of face-to-face events among marketing and business leaders.

We ask industry organizers and exhibitors to tell us how face-to-face events have worked for them by submitting a video, giving us a call, sending us an email or completing the online form. It doesn’t have to be a long or polished. As a result, we contact major media outlets and tell them about how their story is a great example of the success
-to-face events industry. Many members have become ambassadors for the Click Here First campaign by not only telling their story but by encouraging others to do the same through the Industry Insiders program.

In the first year, we have generated more than 31 million media impressions with a publicity value of $3.6 million. The campaign is slated to continue for three – four more years.

For more information contact: Susan Brower, CMM, CCP - Vice President Marketing and Communications | IAEE |