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Current Value Models

Economic Impact Models and Bibliography

JMIC has commissioned an overview of best practices for the development and application of an Economic Impact model to the meetings industry. The principles as outlined in this document can be applied to facilities, destinations and events and have been incorporated into more than 15 such studies in recent years. As such they represent a good reference point for those developing or evaluating a methodology for their own use.
Principles for Measuring Economic Impact

One output of the JMIC Report of Meetings Value Models is a listing of representative models currently in use today in various parts of the world. Such models are indicated here and as new models are evolving on an ongoing basis, this list will continue to expand in the future.
The Value of Business Events

Canadian Economic Impact Study 3.0  (2014)

The  Event-Model-Austria (© Dr. Martina Stoff-Hochreiner) was developed in cooperation with the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration to calculate the indirect economic impact of conferences, cultural events and major sporting events.

AIPC Economic Impact Calculator tool – developed by Ipsos for AIPC Members – that will be available online and free of charge to all members wishing to develop a credible and recognized estimate of their community value.

How much are events worth to your destination? Destination organizations and CVBs are acutely aware of the need to quantify the economic importance of events to their destinations. By knowing the value of events sold by destination organizations or CVBs, industry stakeholders are empowered to make a strong case for continued destination marketing.
Destinations International Event Impact Calculator