Joint Meeting Industry Council


ICESAP Agency Accreditation Scheme

CERTIFICATION ICESAP Agency Accreditation Scheme
TARGET AUDIENCE ICESAP Agency Accreditation Scheme
DESCRIPTION The ICESAP Agency Accreditation Scheme will allow corporate end users the ability to confidently identify and contract event agencies who meet the stringent accreditation standards. The scheme will assess an agency's policies, processes, management and staff competencies, as well as conduct a third party probity and due diligence check on company directors. It will also provide the industry with a much needed governance structure to support a sustainable industry for the future. The ICESAP Agency Accreditation Scheme will be launched in May 2017.
WHAT DOES IT ADDRESS Probity Checks on Agencies. Competency Checks on management and staff. Code of Conduct. Best Practices.

Certified Association Executive (CAE)

CERTIFICATION Certified Association Executive (CAE)
TARGET AUDIENCE Certified Association Executive (CAE)
DESCRIPTION The CAE program is designed to elevate professional standards, enhance individual performance, and designate association professionals who demonstrate the knowledge essential to manage an association in today's challenging environment.
WHAT DOES IT ADDRESS 9 domains of knowledge in association management: 1) strategic management; 2) governance and structure; 3) membership development; 4) programs, products, & services; 5) leadership; 6) administration; 7) knowledge management and research; 8) public policy, government relations, and coalition building; and 9) marketing, public relations, and communication

AIPC Quality Standards Certification

CERTIFICATION AIPC Quality Standards Certification
TARGET AUDIENCE AIPC Quality Standards Certification
DESCRIPTION The AIPC Quality Standards Program is the only dedicated centre management framework available to help you demonstrate to clients, owners and your community how you are managing your centre to internationally recognized standards.
WHAT DOES IT ADDRESS 1. Being flexible and adaptable to a wide variety of facility types, ages and configurations 2. Being seen from a client perspective so they had an impact in the market 3. Being “graduated” and allow participating centres to set their own pace for compliance, so that centres who were still working on their performance issues wouldn’t be excluded from participation 4. Being seen as having been developed and maintained by an external body like AIPC, using an external auditor, rather than by individual facilities of groups of facilities in order to maintain their credibility
DOES IT HAVE TO BE RENEWED/UPDATED AT REGULAR INTERVALS Renewal of the QS credential – which can result in either a re-affirmation of an existing level of performance or an upgrade to a higher level – is based on the principle that re-qualifying for AIPC Quality Standards Certification is a streamlined version of the original process, requiring a re-affirmation that the processes submitted for initial qualification are still in place while updating their current status where there has been a change and adding new program information when internal procedures have been enhanced.

membership accreditation

CERTIFICATION membership accreditation
TARGET AUDIENCE membership accreditation
DESCRIPTION IAPCO is committed to raising standards of service among its members and other sectors of the meetings industry by means of continuing education and interaction with other professionals. IAPCO is the universally accepted benchmark for quality within congress organisation and is the global branding of excellence for the meetings industry. Thus, IAPCO membership offers a unique quality assurance recognised by congress clients and suppliers all over the world.
WHAT DOES IT ADDRESS STEP 1: ONLINE APPLICATION - Complete the online application in full STEP 2: EVENTS ORGANISED Details of 10 International Events organised by the applicant must be completed where the maximum number of services are provided. 40% or more of the delegates must be from at least 5 or more different countries. 5 of the Events must have been attended by more than 400 participants. 5 of the Events must have been attended by more than 100 participants. Client contact details for references must be provided for at least 5 of the Events. STEP 3: REFERENCES Once the Events Organised submissions have been analysed, and assuming a satisfactory outcome, IAPCO will contact up to five clients, of which at least two must be from the international organisation and based outside of the Applicant’s own country, for a company reference. STEP 4: FUTURE EVENTS FOR SITE VISIT You will need to submit 5 future international events that could be considered for a site visit. 40% or more of the anticipated delegates must be from at least 5 or more different countries. The Events must anticipate an attendance of more than 400 participants. STEP 5: SITE VISIT On receipt of satisfactory references, the Applicant will be asked to host the appraisal visit of one or two Council Members, or another Member of IAPCO nominated by the Council, to the selected Congress/Meeting organised by the Applicant and to the Applicant’s Office. The Member/s undertaking the appraisal visit will need to participate as a free delegate through the event registration and abstract processes. During the visit to the Applicant’s Office, the Applicant will be asked to provide copies of printed promotional material for their future Events, a copy of the Applicant’s Company’s Articles of Association, or other registration document or licence in English, details of the Company Board of Directors and / or Senior Managers and Administrators, and to provide access to office procedures, administration and financial information.