Joint Meeting Industry Council


Some Basics

As a provider of global Meetings Industry resources, JMIC is pleased to introduce our latest resource – a guide to organizing and carrying out industry advocacy with local government and community audiences.

The guide is not intended to be a comprehensive review of what is a very complex subject but is rather a collection of industry-specific tips for assembling a professional and compelling strategy for promoting the role and importance of the meetings industry under today’s challenging COVID-19 conditions.

At the same time, the principles contained here are just as relevant over the longer term, as the job of local industry advocacy is an ongoing requirement in order to get the support we need to carry on our activities in ways that benefit the community as a whole.

The guide also provides a framework for using the JMIC Global Manifesto and other industry resources created over the past year to help pave the way for event re-opening and a more prominent role in the process of economic renewal that will follow.

Here’s how to do it

FIEXPO uses JMIC Global Manifesto to shape discussions at their highly successful Latin America Politician’s Summit and delivers the industry message through a region-wide distribution of the proceedings. Have a look!