JMIC in the News Helps You Keep Up with Industry Developments:

JMIC in the News features articles, interviews and releases relating to JMIC program activities, awards and opinions. This material can be of use to you in two ways:

  • First, it can give you an idea of how industry issues are developing and the positions JMIC is taking on some of these on behalf of industry members      
  • Secondly, it can provide you with arguments you may want to use in your own presentations and discussions. In particular, JMIC articles are available for industry members to use and / or reprint for their own needs.

Permission to use JMIC articles and other materials is available via the JMIC Secretariat office.

This is also the place to post any articles you think industry colleagues would like to see. Simply upload any such materials, with comments you may have, and make your views known to the industry!

Our thanks to our trade media colleagues for their ongoing support of the industry by acting as an important vehicle for industry-wide communications.