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100PRO.ORG: The Education Initiative of the Event Industry
Published by EVVC
April 2016

Achieving Global Growth: Establishing & Maintaining Global Markets is the first report from ASAE Foundation’s new series of research on global strategy and operations. This initial report outlines the factors and strategies that set growers — associations who are experiencing international membership and revenue growth — apart from those who have experienced stagnation or decline. Designed to inform associations considering international expansion as well as those already operating internationally, Achieving Global Growth identifies key factors for success.
July 2014

Meeting Professionals International (MPI) recently launched the Meetings Move Us Forward grassroots communication effort with resources to help its members promote the value of the work they do. The resources include a television commercial, brief documentary, articles, print and web ads, and more. To learn more, visit
February 2014

JMIC Industry Communications Conference

Barcelona, 17 November 2013 | Agenda
Presentations I | Presentations II

ICCA 50 Modern History of International Association Meetings

Principles for Measuring Economic Impact
JMIC has commissioned an overview of best practices for the development and application of an Economic Impact model to the meetings industry. The principles as outlined in this document can be applied to facilities, destinations and events and have been incorporated into more than 15 such studies in recent years. As such they represent a good reference point for those developing or evaluating a methodology for their own use.

JMIC Research Report on Meetings Value Models
This research report was commissioned to determine the state of industry value measurement and to make recommendations as to how those measurement processes might be enhanced in the future. download

The Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) has released "Change in Value over Next Two Years and Effects of the Great Recession and Online Media".

This study takes a look specifically at the future of exhibitions. It provides an in-depth view of the changes of face-to-face activity over time and in the future for attendees and exhibiting companies. Additionally, it evaluates the effects of the Great Recession and the ability to interact with target audiences online on face-to-face activity. download

Business Events: Delivering for Australia
By BECA (Business Events Council of Australia) download 

Articles and Presentations


2011 PCMA Education Conference


AIPC 2011 Annual Conference – San Diego, June 28-July 1  

AIPC Presentation made by Rod Cameron at the Politicians Forum in Göteborg on March 23, 2011

Delivering Innovation, Knowledge and Performance: The Role of Business Events  
Commissioned by BECA (Business Events Council of Australia)

With global events creating new issues impacting the meetings industry on a daily basis, we’ve prepared some new materials for your use as industry members. Attached are a number of new items that will again facilitate telling the industry story either to colleagues or in your own community.

As with all other JMIC materials, these are available for your use in any way you see fit, including adapting the content to fit specific sector or community circumstances.

There are a number of good ways to “customize” the presentations or articles for your own use:
  • You can apply your own logo or format to the presentation or article so that it takes on local meaning;
  • You can add your own local information such as economic impact or spending information from your community in order to make it more relevant to a community audience:
  • You can make special reference to how meetings and conventions support industries or professions that are of particular importance in your community:
  • You can make reference to specific institutions in your community (i.e., universities, medical facilities, research facilities) that benefit from meetings;
  • You can list recent events that have taken place in your community that illustrate some of the general principles outlined in the presentation or article, or
  • If you are using the Profile and Power article or presentation for a local industry organization, you can add screens that list events that could take place in your own community or a listing of local industry groups that should participate. 
If you do use the materials, acknowledgement in the form of “Source: Joint Meetings Industry Council” would be appreciated.

Select from the following list:
Profile and Power: Are We Getting There?
An article updating the progress of the JMIC Profile and Power program and the actions it’s taking to advance the profile of the Meetings Industry. This is intended for use in the industry amongst people and organizations that want to understand the purpose and accomplishments of the P&P program, perhaps because they are thinking about staging a local event or making a presentation to local government.

Understanding the Value of the Meetings Industry
This is an article developed for use in community relations, and explains the many different benefits generated by the Meetings Industry and how the very diversity of benefits has led to us underestimating its economic and community importance. It would make a good introduction to the industry for a business or government audience, or may be of interest to local media, particularly if there is some industry-related development going on in your city.

Who We are – and Why You Need to Know About Us

This is an adaptable presentation in Power Point format that outlines the variety of roles the industry plays and how it delivers its benefits to the community. It’s an ideal start for preparing an orientation presentation for your community or government representatives, and by adding some specific information about local conditions or activities, can be easily customized for different kinds of local audiences.

JMIC Profile and Power Update
An overview presentation, again in Power Point format, this is intended as a tool to enable industry representatives like yourself to explain the Profile and Power program to colleagues and local organizations. It may be part of the first step in developing an awareness program in your community.

Meetings in Times of Economic Crisis
This is an adaptable “opinion style” article that provides a perspective on the role of the Meetings Industry in the global economy during a time of economic crisis. It could, for example, be used for communication with your local business community or for placement in local media as part of the current discussion about the global economy.